Work With Me

Work with Me in Reading, PA

The good folks at the Pagoda Writers Circle have asked me to lead a writing workshop. Please join me on Saturday, December 2 at 1:00 pm to to create new work and intensify our voices through writing exercises, reading, and sharing work. More information available here.

Private Manuscript Coaching 

I’m happy to assist you when editing existing work or developing your grant, memoir, application, story, or book-length manuscript. Group classes and one-on-one sessions available. Please see my teaching, tutoring and editing website for more information:

Discovering the Writing World for the Loft Literary Center 

An eight week online course for beginners, which runs periodically through

In this class, we discover paths to create poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. We will read and discuss advice from writers such as Billy Collins, Jim Moore, Anne Lamott, Joan Didion, Tobias Wolff, and Edith Pearlman. We will generate ideas, discuss methods to begin new work, and use writing exercises to help us focus our voice. We will write and share in a safe and open setting. Optional homework will be given each week.

Please contact me or go to to sign up.


“Your encouragement and helpful feedback opened the door for me to find my way back into this work that I love.  There are no words big enough to thank you for that.” — Diane Yeager

“I look forward to Wednesdays because I can come to your class with my little scratchings and half-formed ideas and you see the possibilities of it all.  You create an informal, welcoming  environment that encourages us to explore our own feelings and share them with one another.  I think you are a very generous, sensitive and compassionate person who puts aside her own writing to take a truly invested interest in ours.  You are one of those compact, thoughtful people that I have always admired; one who is sensitive to the written word, who is gentle with criticism but who inspires me to break barriers and challenge myself beyond my own boundaries.  Your introductory lists of quotes, your writing prompts, and your practical information about contests and publishing give added dimension to a class that focuses most of its time on careful consideration of each others’ work.” — Mary Jo Franske

“You are a gifted teacher. I feel very lucky to have happened upon your class.” — Sandy, The Loft Literary Center

“You’re such a warm, personable, supportive person and teacher. I really appreciate all I learned from you.” Jen, The Loft Literary Center